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Dr Leo Ruickbie PhD, MA, BA(Hons), Associate of King's College London

Witchcraft, magic, the occult and the paranormal, these are the things that keep me up at night, discussing them, writing about them and sometimes experiencing them.


A Brief Guide to the Supernatural by Leo RuickbieA Brief Guide to the Supernatural: Ghosts, Vampires and the Paranormal explores the world of the paranormal from angels to demons, ghosts to the undead, UFOs to magic, spiritualism to parapsychology. Asks the burning questions: what is the supernatural and why is it important? From Most Haunted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from Underworld to Twilight, from Doom to Resident Evil, our imagination is forever drawn to this dark world - and for good reasons. A Brief Guide to the Supernatural goes in search of the unearthly with unexpected results. Combining history, psychology and parapsychology, Dr Leo Ruickbie explores the myths and possible realities of the paranormal - ghosts, the undead, angels, demons and UFOs - as well as the many ways people have tried to contact and record the impossible from magic to spiritualism to science. You may find the results unsettling. Included are several experiments to try at home - be warned!

Highly recommended by leading paranormal experts.

Faustus: The Life and Times of a Renaissance Magician by Leo RuickbieFaustus: The Life and Times of a Renaissance Magician asks do you have to sell your soul to the Devil to master the magic arts? Find out in this true-life account of the secrets of a real Renaissance magician. Set in a time of witchcraft trials and magical adventure, "a work of meticulous scholarship" and "a gripping page-turner".

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A History by Leo RuickbieWitchcraft Out of the Shadows: A History covers the history of witchcraft from Ancient Greece to the present day, charting the rise and development of witchcraft and the modern witchcraft religion of Wicca. With new analyses, fresh insights and previously unpublished material drawn from Dr Leo Ruickbie's doctoral research into the mysticism, magic and social meaning of Wicca, this is the first book to fully bring witchcraft out of the shadows.


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Witchcraft Out of the Shadows


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